CD: 12
AR: 3
Bulk: 1

Composure: 9
ID: 8

Hard Leather
Large Shield
War Lance

Agility 3
Animal Handling 5
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 5
Persuasion 4
Theif 1
Will 3

Ride 3b
Strength 1b
Spears 1b
Shield 1b

Once per day abilities:
Add +2 to any fighting test
Increase CD, ID and passive abilities by +5 for one round
Reroll one test

Reroll one test per day, take the higher result

Blood of the Andals (Fighting)
You may choose to reroll one die on all fighting tests, must take new roll. Once per day: +2 on fighting test
Choose an ability in which you have a rank 3 or higher (Fighting). Whenever you test this ability you may reroll a single die, but you must take the second roll regardless of if it is worse or not. In addition once per day you may add +2 to any result of any one test.

Shield Mastery
Increase shield’s CD by 1
Increase shield’s def equal to shield ranks to a max of shield’s def x2

Reroll two 1’s on persuasion tests
On a persuasion test reroll 1’s equal to half persuasion rank (i.e. 2)

+2 on status tests. Once per day: CD, ID and all passives get +5 for one round
Add +2 to status tests. Once per day increase combat defense AND intrigue AND all passive ability results by +5 for one round. A character need not take the Anointed benefit in order to be a knight. p.77


Tourney Armor


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